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On this page you will find links through to other websites supported by Rectory Amateur Boxing Club and other media we have used to help show what we do:

Rectory ABC Facebook: You will find all of our boxing club news on this Facebook page

Rectory Boxing Facebook: This page will deal with the fitness classes, Corporate days and the Boxing Awards programme.

GB Boxing Awards Programme

The GB Boxing Awards Programme is run at the club for our 5-9 year old members and is supported by the National Governing Bodies (NGB) for Amateur boxing in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as Sport England:

NGB for Amateur Boxing

The NGB for amateur boxing in England is England Boxing (formally the ABAE) their website gives up to date information on all aspects of amateur boxing both nationally and internationally.

TRX Training System

The TRX training system is used in all of our classes at the gym as we believe it is the best method of strength training available at the moment, here is a small example of the possibilities it provides.

Wrapping Your Hands

Wrapping your hands to protect them is a vital skill when boxing. If you damage your hands they are very rarely the same ever again. Be aware!!

Old School

We also like to go ‘old school’ with many of our boxing techniques at the gym using hand weights, medicine balls and plyometric boxes amongst other things. If it’s good enough for world champions then it’s good enough for us!!

Fitness Sessions

Rectory Boxing fitness sessions. These video’s give you a snapshot of what we do at the club, all sessions are different to keep it interesting and include; bag work outs, speed work, circuits, strength and conditioning, stamina work, abdominal and core sessions, plyometric boxes, TRX, abdominal slings, hand weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, pad work and non-contact sparring where you get to chase the coach around the ring and try to hit him without the worry of him hitting you back.